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Kelly Zong
Hangzhou Wahaha Group

Kelly Zong is the President of Hangzhou Wahaha Group, which is the largest food & beverage enterprise in China.

Just after Kelly graduated from Pepperdine University (BS in International Business) in 2004, she began her career from production manager of Wahaha Xiaoshan base. Now she has shouldered more than one-third of the beverage production task of Wahaha and is taking charge in Wahaha’s Import & Export businesses as well. Kelly is responsible for all cross-industries new investment of Wahaha Group. She is devoted to make "Wahaha" as one of the most reputable food and beverage international brands. From 2012, a new export product line of bottled tea was especially developed for international customers, combining Chinese traditional tea culture along with needs of global customers, such as organic and low sugar. This new line of products has already been exported to Canada, Britain and Mongolia. Kelly and her team are currently developing the new marketing strategy to explore global market.

As a successful businesswoman with strong sense of social responsibility, Kelly considers philanthropy as one of most important responsibilities in her life. In September 2007, Kelly established “FuLi Charity Foundation” with the purpose to “contribute to society as much as we could”. In 2012, Kelly donated 70 million RMB to Zhejiang University to found Fuli Institute of Food Science, in order to cultivate more talents for Chinese Food & Beverage industry and to improve the professional level along with the sense of self-regulation for the industry.

Kelly is the youngest female member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the President of Zhejiang New Generation Entrepreneurs Association, the 9th Executive member of Zhejiang Industry & Commerce Federation, the Committee Member of Zhejiang Youth Federation as well.

Kelly’s endeavors have been recognized and approved from both home and abroad.  She was awarded as “The Top 10 Model of New Generation Entrepreneur” by the Communist Youth League of Zhejiang Committee in 2010; was selected as “the annual Economical people in 2011” by Zhejiang Daily News Group and  was nominated as “the New Generation Zhejiang Entrepreneur” in 2011 by Zhejiang Youth Enterprise Association.

At the beginning of 2013, “China Entrepreneurs” Magazine picked her as one of 2013 annual "China 30 most influential women in business"; and she was selected as 2012 Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum.