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Pearl Lam
Pearl Lam Galleries
Hong Kong

Pearl Lam has been at the forefront of reimagining China's cultural place in the world for more than ten years, both through her work as gallerist ( and through the trust that she founded in 2008, the China Art Foundation (, whose advisory board members include the Directors of the Pompidou and Guggenheim museums. Her partners include major institutions from the BBC to the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Chinese Academy of Fine Art, Beijing; and her proven influence extends from Shanghai through London to Singapore (where she is opening a new gallery in the autumn to complement her galleries in Shanghai and Hong Kong).

In Asia where the cultural infrastructure is developing fast and in innovative ways, Pearl Lam's gallery nevertheless stands out for its intellectual and cultural ambition. As the New York Times said of the opening exhibition of her gallery in Hong Kong: "Ms. Lam put on a subdued, nuanced group show of Chinese abstract works, a breath of fresh air in a city where galleries usually go for the eye-popping...The opening had an intellectual air that has been missing from the Hong Kong scene."

Pearl Lam is also a collector, patron and curator. As a curator, among many other exhibitions, she conceived and organised the critically acclaimed 'Awakening: La France Mandarin', an exhibition on the French influence on Chinese art, which was a central part of the 2004 French Year in China. As a patron, she has donated works to museums as various as the V&A, London; the Asia Art Society Museum, New York; the KW Institute, Berlin; the Museum of Art and Design, New York; and the Peabody Museum, Boston.

Her long-term commitment to design as well as art, and her new endeavour in Singapore, taken together with her existing networks in China and New York and London, are all part of a strategy to build an art brand in Asia that can act as a global platform to showcase art and design from Asia to the world and art and design from the rest of the world to Asia. This is something already happening: 'Lam is also a provocateur whose gallery [...] has pushed people to think about not just the distance separating East and West, past and present, design and art, but each of the bridges connecting these concepts..." [Art and Auction]