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Sung-Joo Kim
Chairperson and Chief Visionary Officer
Sungjoo Group/MCM Holding AG
South Korea

Ms. Sung-Joo Kim is the founder, Chairperson and Chief Visionary Officer of the Sungjoo Group and MCM Holding AG.

Founded in 1990, the Sungjoo Group have maintained the reputation as Korea's foremost fashion Group which has launched several European luxury brands nationwide, and acquired the German luxury leather handbag brand MCM in 2005 for the global market.

She has been featured in Forbes, Asiaweek, BBC, CNN, CNBC and the FT, and was selected as a ‘Global Leader of Tomorrow’ by the World Economic Forum (1997). She was noted in The Wall Street Journal’s “Top 50 Women to Watch” (2004) and received the “Ethics in Business Award” from the International Association of Human Values (2009). She was listed in Forbes’ Top 50 Asian Business Women (2012) and selected as a part of the “Innovation 101” for the Decide Now Act Summit hosted by the UN (2012). In 2012, she was appointed as Co-Chair of the Presidential Campaign Committee for President Ms. Geun-Hye Park who became the first women President in Korean history.

She works with several non-profit organisations, including World Vision, Asia House as a trustee member and the Global Summit of Women as a member of the International Planning Committee.